Individual Tuition and Therapy

‘smile, breathe and go slowly.’  

Yoga just for you……. 

A sensitive and varied approach respecting your individuality.

Yoga just for you is one to one tuition, tailor made for you to suit all ages, abilities and fitness. Individual tuition is ideal
for those who:

  • Have individual needs not catered for in a class environment
  • Wish to develop an individual programme
  • Find attending a regular class difficult

What is 121 Yoga?

121 Yoga is based at my home. I design personalised Yoga practices tailored to your needs. You can take this away with you and practice in your own home. The individualised programme uses Yoga postures and breathing techniques to alleviate many common ailments. Between sessions you are encouraged to practice at home for maximum benefit. Once you have learned the techniques appropriate for your circumstances you will be able to use them to care and maintain your own health. The number of sessions and times are to suit you. They can be as regular as you want them to be or spread out over weeks or months depending on needs and circumstances. 

How does Yoga tuition work? 

  • An initial assessment of your condition 
  • Tailor made sessions to suit your needs
  • Practising in a home environment
  • Practising at your own pace
  • A number of sessions and at times to suit you
  • No previous experience of yoga is needed 

The first session is to assess your condition and to work out a personalised ‘menu’ of yoga practices to meet your needs, plus, to find out the reasons why you have come for Yoga tuition or therapy. This is followed by further 121s. The teacher will follow your progress and help you develop a personal programme for your circumstances and medical condition. With regular practice, health benefits often continue to increase. You will leave the sessions with a written practice to take away with you in order to practise at home. 


The benefits of 121 sessions

They can help to:

  • Alleviate stress and anxiety
  • Alleviate energetic or structural conditions
  • Support your pregnancy
  • Deepen or extend your practice working with more demanding postures and techniques not usually taught in a group class, e.g. strong back bends or more complex breathing techniques
  • Develop further your understanding of some specific aspect of Yoga, e.g. sound work, study of the sutras etc



Initial consultation: FREE (half an hour)

Yoga sessions: £40 (per hour)


To find out what Yoga can do for you please contact Caroline Arthur  Yoga Teacher and Therapy Practitioner on:

(t) 01949 843 946 (m) 07900 473426 or (email)

Caroline Arthur Yoga